Let's Start Something New! Live Forever!

This website is solely dedicated to the collection of useful scientific data and the most current research relating to life extension since it has become very hard to find such information on the web without having to sort through tons of useless and/or 'for profit' websites with no level of decency.

There are a few blogs here to post your comments. I will sticky the most important things. Categories will be organized into valid and/or invalid claims for life extension purposes. Please email me ideas about additions to these blogs.

There is also an area to submit supplement lists. Try to keep your list up-to-date as you change it. I have no doubt that you will change after you sift through the data collected here.

My only intentions are to create a database of knowledge full of life extension facts and ideas. For those of you with intent to sell life extension products, please leave your comments in the "For Sale (blog)." Others who's intentions are to distribute comments about religious and/or enlightenment experiences, there is a "Religion/Enlighten (blog)" for you.

Thank you,